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About me

I am a selfish person...I dream of a better planet for me and my children. A healthy planet for all, not just human beings. I write stuff to influence others to turn selfish like me.

I am a student of nature, an ecologist by unlearning and a teacher by that order.

My articles

I write on issues of sustainability, current challenges, environmental justice and other such bland topics in Marathi magazines like

महानुभाव, वनराई, पुण्यभूषण, साधना, पालकनीती and others. Do check them out there.

Research papers

Of the few research papers that have managed to satisfy the academic publishing criteria, here are some that might be of general interest. They are here.

My blogs

What publishers don't want to publish, I post here. So be warned that the posts might be grossly mediocre by publication standards!

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